Learning from Father of Nation

Mahatma means enlightened soul. Mahan with his karma, faith, actions, deeds, policy, compassion, courage and conviction of Non –Violence.

On 20 January 1948 -10 days, in fact, before he was assassinated- a handmade bomb was hurled at Gandhi as he attended a gathering. This act of terrorism was carried out by Hindu youth. Fortunately, the bomb missed the mark and Gandhi survived. The youth was arrested.

The next day, several adherents of the sikh faith on Gandhi and assured him that the culprit was not a sikh.

Gandhi rebuked them, saying that it mattered nothing at all to him whether the assailant was Sikh, a Hindu or Muslim.

Gandhi explained that the youth had been taught to think of him as an enemy of the Hindu cause, that hatred had been implanted in his heart. The youth believed what he was taught and was so desperate, so devoid of all hope, that violence seemed the only alternative. Gandhi felt only pity for the young man. He even told the outraged chief of police to not harass his assailant but make an effort to convert him right thought and actions.

Just as fire extinguished by water, hatred can only be defeated by love and compassion. Gandhi, nonviolence meant an overflowing love for all humanity, a ray of life that emanated from the very marrow of his being.

by Santosh Gaur, ISMATIMES