The Great Economists of India and the Economical Drift

Though the people ofIndiaare proud to have the two great economists Mr. Manmohan Singh and Mr. Pranab Mukherjee holding the top positions in Indian politics.Indiais facing economical drift and is on the brink of economic recession. Rupee depreciates further and dollar again jumps up to all-time high. Now the time has come to take out the politicians’ money from Swiss banks before it becomes really late for us. One of the reasons is that about 80% ofIndia’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few people. There are several reports about those presently in power are prowling millions of rupees from India, and depositing it into their secret accounts abroad. And they only pave the way for more of their own kind to be elected in order to make things easier for themselves. This is nothing but the misuse of the position, a misappropriation of public funds, and the abuse of power, as well as the root cause of the uncontrolled corruption that has become prevalent throughoutIndia. The credit goes to our top politicians including Mr. Manmohan Singh who emerged as a weak prime minister that he can not control his own party men. He was an admired economist ofIndiabefore he became the Prime Minister of India. But the economist in him either got lost in all the political drama or could not find time to be himself. To bring the country on the top of the global economy, he should not work in a political edifice which is insulated from the external environment.

Another great economist Mr. Pranab Mukherjee was more inclined to be crowned as the President of India and acquire the supreme positions in the Indian constitution, rather than serving the country. The Indian constitution itself, under the guise of democracy fuels corruption and inequality by favoring the few at the expense of the public funds. The Government should focus on being a catalyst in ensuring that development does not become biased in favor of the wealthy. The people ofIndiaare also very ignorant towards their rights. We are the people of a big democratic country. We should raise our voices against all these misappropriations. If we want to see our Nation as a developed nation in the near future, both the politicians and the people of theIndiashould shred off their selfish motives and work together for the well-being of this great country and its people.

Dr. Shabi F. Abidi, AligarhMuslimUniversity