Release the Innocents from Jail

New Delhi: Thousands of people join hand together demanding the release of under trail innocent Adivasis, Dalits and Muslims on bail at Jantar Mantar. As part of “BAIL IS THE RULE; RELEASE THE INNOCENTS FROM JAIL” nation-wide campaign to demand the release of innocents from 15th August 2012 to 15th September 2012 demanding the release of innocent Popular front of India organized a human chain at Jantar Mantar New Delhi today on 15th September 2012.

The human chain started by 11.00 am and the participants took oath leaded by Popular front of India Chairman EM Abdur Rahman

The oath is as follows We, the citizens of India, who have joined hands to form this Human
Chain, declare our commitment to the democratic and secular values enshrined in the constitution of our country and protected in our legal system.

We believe every citizen should be treated innocent unless and until he is found guilty by due process of law.

No accused individual should be kept in jail.

We strongly believe that bail is the rule and jail is an exception.

We call up on the government to release the under- trial prisoners of the country  on bail.

We all pledge to strive together to prevent illegal arrests, to free under trial prisoners, to provide compensation to victims and to withdraw UAPA amendments and all black laws”.

The Human Chain lasted for thirty minutes also raised slogans demanding release of innocent Adivasis, Dalits and Muslims on bail. Many family members of victims such as Shozain Kazmi (Son of Ahmed Kazmi),Shakeel Siddiqui (brother of Khateel Siddique) and many others participated in the human chain.

Followed by the human chain a public meeting was held Jantar Mantar in which various leaders including Popular front Chairman EM Abdur Rahman, Human right activist such as Arundathi Roy, Rona Wilson, SAR Geelani,Dr.Sai Baba, Dr Basheer (IUML), Prof P Koya (NCHRO), Moulana Shahul Baqavi (All India Imams Council), Hafiz Mansoor Ali Khan (SDPI), Yasin Patel, Zafarul islam Khan(AIMM), Kavitha Krishnan (CPI-ML), Aneesus Zaman (Campus Front) , Omar Khalid (DSU) and various  leaders/activist  addressed the public.

Following meeting a nationwide signature campaign was inaugurated by Human right activist Arundathi Roy demanding the release of innocent.

While addressing the public Popular front Chairman EM Abdur Rahman said that “ according to the statistic the number of under trail prisoners is near about 3 lakhs who have been denied bail due to black laws such as UAPA etc and have been in prison for year with the crime being proven thus to demand innocents we organized a nationwide campaign  “BAIL IS THE RULE; RELEASE THE INNOCENTS FROM JAIL” from 15th August 2012 to 15th September 2012 toady with this human chain it marks the end and we will carry this demand with various agitations in future including the signature campaign which will be started today”.

And well known Human right activist Arundathi Roy addressing to the public told that “thousands of innocent Adivasis in many states of India are been arrested who don’t have a piece of bread to eat. And after the demolition of Babri masjid picking up of Muslim youth begun in big scale. I demand that all this innocent political prisoner to be released on bail immediately”

SAR Geelani told “ it’s high time Police have been arresting Muslims youths no w especially from the educated class such as Ahmed Kazmi etc we should start responding through legal and nonstop agitations”

Similar human chains were organized in more than 100 centers through the nation with same demand on the same date and time simultaneously.
by Sadique Qureshi